Welcome to my site!

Like me, this website is currently a work in progress. Like me, my business is rebranding and refocusing. I hope you can excuse all the digital construction dust and instead appreciate my vulnerability over the next few months. Here's what's happening:

I'm taking a big step and following my call, one I've ignored or maybe just been unaware. Bonni Mace Design is shifting. Over the next few years or months (I'm really not sure!), I'm going to focus my energies on writing down my experiences at The Church at Severn Run as a young, female communications director. I've got to say, my experiences are unique and I'm finally realizing it. I'm privileged to work in an amazing environment under leaders who respect and push me to be better, and I want to share what I'm learning with you!

Join me! My goals are:

  • To share church communications successes, failures, and experiments.
  • To share beautiful design.
  • To inspire other ministry millennials.
  • To encourage other women in leadership.
  • To be a little more vulnerable and real.
  • Also to learn to spell correctly without these red squiggly lines. 

What now? Check out my blog. Then, tell me what you want to hear next.