So I took an unannounced break over Christmas and New Year. It was nice and lazy! Once that little sabbatical was done, I jumped into my role at The Church at Severn Run on a FULL TIME basis! Yay!

I finished up my first week on Friday, and I'm now moving in to my second week as a full-timer. Having 40 hours each week to do my job at Severn Run was amazing last week! The unforeseen consequence of this is that I have to refigure my writing strategy. I don't have any content built up to schedule out quite yet either. So that's why I've been silent. Sorry!

That being said, blogging is a huge challenge for me, but I will keep doing it. And I will get better. In the mean time I wanted to follow up on my promise to be real and vulnerable to my readers by checking in and posting this ill thought out, un-proofread, late night post. So since I'm being real, and it's still early enough to claim "New Year" posts as ok, here are some ways you can pray for me in 2015:

  • Pray for this blog. I will rationalize quitting it as life gets busy. I'm still learning that my experiences have value. It's pretty easy for me to believe that I have nothing real to add to the world. Pray against that lie in my life.
  • Pray for my self disciplines this year. I'm attempting my reading goals again. I've established a place in my home for reading, praying, and quiet time (see photo) and I need to use it. It's crazy to me how much harder the mental/spiritual disciplines are than the physical ones were last year.
  • Pray for my work/life/freelance balance. I need to be more intentional in relationships this year.

How can I pray for you? What are you hoping to accomplish or improve in this year? Leave me a comment and I will take it to my new praying chair!

Here's to an awesome 2015!