Easter Inspired Spotify Playlist

How is your Easter planning going? We are just getting started at Severn Run, and I already feel behind. Isn't that crazy? I mean, it's January! I'm not quite used to the church world calendar even though this will be my third Easter. I'll get there eventually, right?

Anyway, I decided for this year that I would make a playlist with artful, Easter inspired music to help our Creative Team come up with amazing ideas. Turns out, it's pretty short, so I thought I would ask you for help!

Well, I find that music, though I know very little about it technically, really influences how I create. I bet it does for you as well, even if you haven't realized it yet. We are all different, so we will all be inspired by different sounds, lyrics, and tempos. Finding a few artists who draw out your best creativity while you listen really does improve those "buckle down and get serious" times.

Here's the link: Easter Inspire
It's an open playlist which means you can add to it, so please do! And then you can also use it as you are working on your Easter plans to be inspired. While you're at it, follow me on Spotify and let us know if you have any "Get the creative juices flowing" playlists to share. Leave a link in the comments here so others can find it too! I will continue to build more intentional playlists for sharing as well.

Come back next week for some marketing inspiration!