So, where have you been?

So when I said I wasn't going to promise any post frequency, I was serious. Life has been pleasantly busy, full of change and keeping me on my toes. Here are a few fun things I have been working on, or that have happened in my life recently!

Working at The Church at Severn Run is such a fun thing for me. One of my most favorite things I've come up with was the branding for this Student series that happened this spring. What a random image, but it was really powerful.


My new friend Alane is a really cool chick who is launching a huge website this summer. Her goal is to help writers with a strong message of hope to not only get published, but to sell out! She is launching this site really soon and its going to be jam packed with resources for writers. It was so fun to work with her on this logo, more soon about this logo in a post soon, but the strong motif of this branding is punctuation. Can't wait to share how she is adapting her brand for her company!


One of the most ridiculous things I've ever done is have a full out professional shoot with Lego people. This was a message series for Severn Run, and though it's probably not cutting edge design, I was pretty proud of the fact that myself and my team built this whole set and then shot it ourselves. I also had the privilege of having a super small part in 4 stop motion videos using these lego people. It's fun working with talented people and Legos.



We had a really fun bunch of people that helped turn our Worship Center stage into Lego world too. What a fun Saturday this was!


Now on a more personal note! My husband and I moved! Our rent was getting a little out of control at our tiny apartment and it was time for a change. We were so lucky to find this cute little townhouse with a fenced in yard and lots of extra space for less than the price we were paying for our 2nd floor apartment. It was a quick decision and a quick move, so that really kept us busy this spring.


As soon as we moved into our new house, my wonderful cousins came up to Maryland for a visit. It was so fun to have them in town. We did lots of fun things like Hershey Park, a Nationals Game, and the typical DC touring. While I was sick for a day, they even conquered a 6 pound milkshake in Annapolis without me.


So while we were in the rush of packing up our house and preparing for visitors among the regular work and life stuff, I received a Facebook message from my sister Robyn's boyfriend letting us know that he was popping THE question in about a month. It was followed with a picture text with the picture below. I carried this photo around and showed it to everyone I could for that month, I was so excited! Then something upsetting happened, my grandma was admitted to the hospital back in Texas after she stopped breathing not once, but twice. It was rough news to hear and lots and lots of prayers have been sent up for her healing (I'm glad to say now that she is off of her ventilator and healing well now!). We decided that with these two huge things happening, we needed to take a trip to Texas. I'm so glad we did that because, as you can see in the pictures below, we got to surprise Robyn on her big day and we got to visit Grandma in the hospital. It was a great, but exhausting weekend and we would not have traded it for anything.



Yay Robyn and Andrew!


Below is my favorite picture from the proposal party. It's myself and my sisters & our men showing off our rings or lack of rings, and then of course a crazy photo bomb by the little brother. Sums everything up about right.


Well now you know a little bit of why I've been neglecting my website and this blog. I'm hoping to get back into it again during the summer. Our next big rush will come in September, so that gives me some time (hopefully) to develop a little more content here and add some exciting pieces to my page here. Maybe I'll even update my Facebook page...hmm. I'm going to start talking about the processes for some past projects, highlighting some of my clients, and maybe even dropping in some in-process wedding invites if the bride lets me! I'll also continue talking about my journey in starting a freelance business too. Thanks to each person who has been praying for my grandmother during this time. You're prayers are appreciated and felt more than you know. Please continue to do that!